Price List

Pork          $/kg
Bacon - Conv 26.00
Bacon - Conv shoulder 26.00
Conv Ham 26.00
N/F Bacon 28.00
N/F Ham 28.00
N/F Shoulder Bacon 28.00
NF Pickled Pork 19.00
Conv Pickled Pork 18.00
Butterfly 30.00
Collar 24.00
Shanks/osso bucco 10.00
Fillet 35.00
Loin Chops  24.00
Spare Ribs 24.00
Shoulder Chops 18.00
USA Ribs 24.00
Belly Rst 24.00
Leg Roast 19.00
Shoulder Roast BI 18.00
Shoulder Roast BO 19.00
Diced Pork 18.00
Mince 18.00
Paleo Sausages 20.00

Broth Bones 6.50
Trotters 10.00
Fat 5.00
Beef          $/kg
Broth Bones 6.50
BBQ Steak 18.00
Eye Fillet 35.00
Rib Fillet 30.00
Rump 26.00
Porterhouse 26.00
Topside Steak 16.00
RST Blade 16.00
RST Round 16.00
RST Topside 16.00
Rib RST 16.00
Mince 16.00
Stewing Beef 16.00

Paleo Sausages 20.00
osso bucco 16.00
Corned s/side 16.00
NF S/side 16.00
Brisket (for slow cooking) 16.00

Goat (and Lamb when we have it)           $/kg
Leg Roast BI 20.00
Shanks 12.00
Diced shoulder 22.00
Rolled Loin (Goat) 20.00
Loin Chops (Lamb) 20.00
BBQ Ribs 18.00
Neck Chop 12.00
Shoulder Chops (Lamb) 16.00


  1. how much is a whole or half pig?

    1. Currently we are not selling whole or half and won't be able to for at least 2 months. I haven't actually worked out a price since I've had the price increase so am not sure what it will be.

  2. I'm sorry that I didn't see this message earlier. Can you please email me?

  3. Which Roast is best to put on a spit?

    1. I would suggest the rolled shoulder roast as the meat is nice and moist for slower cooking. Although the loin rolled roast would also be good as it has a layer of fat under the rind. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, if you want one this weekend, just email me.

  4. Hi, how much is a whole or a half pig?